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My Favorite Sweet Bun

This bun is something i invented to satisfy my carb craving every once in a while. I bake breads yes, but i don't really eat that much so it surprises my students to see me lean after all that baking. Still, since this is what i do for a living and what makes me happy (yeah, i bake for others so???) i thought of baking something that i can eat and share at the same time. I used 10% whole wheat, used 1% molasses for color, 12% dark brown sugar, no margarine and since i am after flavor i used butter but at a very low 10% only. I used a sponge to increase the moisture and make this bread tender in the end, added 5% oats for more fiber and that was it. A somewhat lean dough with a slight bit of sweetness to it. Breads in Manila are at about 18-20% sweet, so this one is a good compromise. For more biting experience, meaning para mas masarap nguyain, i added nuts and dried fruits after the mixing is done. Scaled them to 60 grams each just like the Soft Buns, and rounded each off. I…