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Showing posts from February 16, 2017

January Hands on Special Class

Here are some of the photos from my January special one on one class. Tonette inherited a bakery and has been the purchasing officer for her Aunt for some time but decides to learn the trade herself. She missed my group class so she is taking the one on one session with me.

I love the enthusiasm and the interest, the hard work she put in during the class and her determination to succeed. My only advice to beginning students out there and this is what i tell my students all the time. You cannot force the baker out of you in two days, not in 4 days, or even a month. It's a lot of hard work, patience, understanding, calculating, more patience and TIMING. Not every student will learn the same way, same time, same manner. You cannot put a clock into coaxing the baker out of you.

If you will expect to perfect your pandesal just because you took a crash course in 4 days, then you will be setting yourself to more frustrations. It may have taken 1 sack of flour before i was able to write d…