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Showing posts from December 22, 2012

December session

Not in the habit of taking photos of their faces, i try to respect the privacy of the students so you will not see who they are in my posts, at least most of them. Managing to take only a few so let the photos speak for themselves. If you look at the breads and decide to enroll in my class, please bring 2 large containers for your samples. I will not let you bring breads stacked on top of another, nor will i put them in sando bags. If you want to bring home samples, do not bring microwaveable plastics or flat 1 inch containers, 9 by 13 inch 3 inches height will do. text me at 09202019945 for reservation to the January till March class. In a hurry to eat the ensaimadas so no more apron and disposable gloves, we are eating them all anyways, but for selling, you need to don an apron, gloves, hairnet and mask. Cheerios!

Happy Holidays!

What we did in our December class, disappeared fast on the table and very much liked by the students. Thank you to Aileen Co, she gave us all a box of ham and hotdogs. The Many Faces of Ensaimada, if you look here you can make a roll out of the ensai dough. It is the Holiday cheer and i bet everyone is cramming their brains with xmas gifts, not on what they will get but more on what they will give. Bummer. I have 8 nephews and nieces here, good thing most of them just want dinero so i am spared just a tad bit. But if you have friends and co-workers to give gifts to, now that is the problem. Nowadays, you have to be creative and if you know how to bake, that will give you an edge. Everyone can turn out a pan of brownie, cookies and cupcakes. Very easily. But specialty baked goodies such as Mamon, Chiffon Cakes, Special Ensaimadas, Panettone and many others are not quite easy to make. This December, i was surprised that no one enrolled in Cake Decorating compared to last year&#…