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Pre-baking your Pizza Crusts

The pizza dough resting.

Quite a delight, when you have ready made pizzas at your disposal whenever you are ready to change the menu, dig in to a hot and crispy pizza, entertain friends and just bum out on your sofa when you are so dead tired to cook dinner. What else can be better than that.

Ready made pizza crusts may not be gourmet, i worked in a Fine dining italian restaurant where the oven is lined with Italian stones, 5 minutes is all it takes to bake the foccacias, the pizza crusts, and calzones. Well, that maybe the best way to savor your slow rise pizza dough, this thing you have been guarding and saving ( precariously fermenting in the farthest part of your freezer or chiller because everyone else is dying to throw them but you). If you have a very good pizza crust, you will not wait too long to bake them, neither will you dream ever to pre-bake them!!!!

The best way to savor that fermented flavor is to bake them fresh, but i have not a minute of luxury to always start from s…