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Showing posts from July 26, 2010

Free Cakes and Pastries Ebook

To those who have purchased the Ebook, please send me an email to request your free Cakes and Pastries Ebook, recipes such as Lean Butter Cupcakes or our very own "Kababayan", Cream Puffs, Oatmeal Cookies, Sponge Cake and Buttercream, Fudge Brownies, Coffee Brownies. It has step by step procedures just like the Commercial Bread Ebook. See images in my website under Cakes and Pastries.

Bogus Emails

Please ignore email solicitations you receive through your inbox. I just got a disturbing email from a legitimate address of a long time friend since the 90's asking me for a thousand pound so she can pay her hotel in the UK! She is in Miriam College, in the Philippines, and how on earth she used her email address, with her full name in all is scary. To anyone who has known me, this might happen to you, i would never make such solicitations, and if you ever receive such from anyone you know, maybe they can access your inbox or something, start deleting your emails now if you happen to have some personal info there. Nobody asks that much money, i remember just a week ago, this person supposedly from Jamaica wanted to send me her pictures and be friends with me. She did send me one but i did not open the attachments, maybe she was able to hack into my personal info when i opened her first email. Be aware, so please ignore any emails like this, even if the email address is real.