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buckwheat and rye pumpernickel

If you have not baked with these flours yet, then you should try now! After searching the internet for a reputable source, where my hard earned dollars won't get lost and the closest possible so i won't have to wait every single day for the package to arrive, i am happy to say that i am satisfied with Barryfarms products. It took only 4 days, before noon the package arrived in good shape.

Note the comparison i made upon opening the buckwheat and rye pumpernickel. I thought rye and pumpernickel are two different flours??? But the package says rye pumpernickel, although they also sell rye without the pumpernickel, sorry folks, i am from the Philippines so i have no idea what these flours look like until now.

The buckwheat is darker in color and smells a bit more earthy (my more decent way of saying it does not smell nice), in Tagalog, "mabaho", not too much but just a bit odd because this is flour we are describing. The rye pumpernickel is different, it smells absolute…