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Baking Dilemma 500th and so on

Below is a question from Mark Veloso that just came in when i opened my email this morning at 7 am. Yup, had to wake up early because i am burning some DVDS on Royal Icing. I cannot count the questions i received that have the same familiar tone, different sender, same problem. I answered as soon as i can but really the only thing Mark can do now is to either get another baker (the shorter way out) or learn how to bake properly himself. The latter one is the better option, it lets you get hold of the bakery by the neck, keeps turnover much less frequent and the best thing is that you create your own product. Trump says nothing is better than building your own brand. You cannot have your own brand if you do not have a product that you can be proud of. To Mark, good luck and it is never too late to start training now. I would sacrifice closing the bakery for awhile if i could (rather than sell sub standard inconsistent bread products) and then start learning, testing etc., July 3…