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Whole Wheat Asado Buns

Just had this urge to eat Whole Wheat Chicken Asado this week and at the same time serve them up for guests coming over a meal. I sent away 3 dozen of this to friends and left only some for me. It was worth it though, i liked the crunch of the cracked wheat, nutty and hearty but my nephew thought it has Malunggay leaves, ha ha ha. I know how to cook just a tad bit and my niece like the filling, but not the healthy bun outside. I know, she likes a sweeter, and whiter version but i have 4 kilograms of cracked wheat in my freezer so i have to use them before they expire.

I always tell my students that i am a sticky kind of person when it comes to mixing doughs, you will know this when you attend my class, because i will make you mix a sticky, slightly sticky, slightly stiff etc., dough.

Some panaderos will shun away from sticky doughs like this but not me, part of the challenge and it makes a softer bread in the end, not too many bread makers know that.

It was getting dark, i started a…