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Showing posts from March 26, 2013
I should be writing a review on my American Era mixer that i recently purchased but sad to say, when i opened the box a day after my arrival last March 21, the dough hook and beater blades are missing. Funny huh. I reported the matter to Sonic Electronics,naturally they were very apologetic and asked me how i can be helped further aside from sending me my missing blades. duh. I do not need anything else other than my dough hook and paddle. That's all. So many unwritten blogs, my February and March schedule were so out there i could not even do personal shopping for myself, had to ask people around me do it. Nevertheless, i am so grateful to the people who made it to Fairview, i had so much fun. Two days before i left for New York, i had people asking if they can pay the reservation fee already, one even dropped by to ask for the lessons and needless to say, i am sorry if i could not promise for the next schedule. I just have to say, i learned a lot from your experiences too so i…