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Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Using the same dough for regular sized Cinnamon Rolls, i made both my private baking class and group students create minis for a petite size version. Takes a lot of hard work but it was definitely much more fun to eat. When my nephew Luke was only 7 years old he told me it tasted better than the large rolls, and wanted more. Judging from what happens to them when i place them on the table, the mini petite rolls disappear faster than the bigger cousins.

Try baking them at 350 F to golden brown crispy to get the sugar thick and gooey or the paler light brown at 325 F for a softer texture. I prefer the first one because the sugar and syrup sort of turns taffy like although this one will definitely have to be eaten the day itself or the next day.

We used a sweet yeast dough, do not put cinnamon on the baking pans and use the best maple syrup (ours is from Vermont in Canada).

This is the one made by the girls as show below;

I show how to do the first one and the rest is done by the studen…