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Dough Enrichment, Adding Nutrients and Enhancing your Breads

There are so many things that you can do with your plain dough such as a baguette or pandesal dough. I love enhancing the dough with all sorts of grains, herbs, spices, seeds, dried fruits, nuts, and so on. Nothing should stop you from creating another bread from the same Pandesal plain dough or the pizza dough you have stashed in your freezer. Even store bough doughs can be made into something more interesting and hearty.

I am sprinkling the dough with ground flax seed and chia seeds.  Fold and lightly knead the seeds into the dough, be careful not to put too much pressure because you will stiffen the dough and need to relax it back again to shape it.
 Pesto Baguette

Or smear your favorite chilli, garlic and onion oil on the dough for a spicier kick

Spicy Ciabatta Toast with Basil

of fill your favorite Loaf bread with the same pesto or garlic filling. I have tried spinach and cheese as well.
However way you want to dress your bread, try using a small amount first and then add more t…