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New York Back To Manila

Just thought i would type in a few words 2 weeks before i depart for Manila.

18 months.Impressed, Turbulent, sad, not just cold but very cold, confused, bewildered, amazed,grateful, discovery etc., etc.,

I have so many whys to leave behind, hopefully and planning to ditch them in the trash. They won't make it to my luggage. I have a third invisible luggage with me though, my Cake Decorating knowledge and getting to know a brother i have not seen since 1992. Canada must have been good to him. He was and still is the best brother one can ever have. For that alone, this New York trip makes it all worth it. My intangibles.

Yes, America is a great country, beautiful and almost perfect. But....

"It's this city that makes you go bad" suspect, Law and Order, SVU Episode

Depends i guess. You cannot blame a city for turning into the worst in you. You cannot lose who you are, because if you do, then what you have become of will wreak havoc. Heaven forbid it happens to me.