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Showing posts from September 29, 2010


Here it is, just retrieved an old blog of mine from the cave. I can easily post photos, they have videos maybe i can show some of mine there at Uploading is so fast and easy, maybe i may be able to figure out how to upload here once i get the time to do so but i am practicing my cake decorating lessons so that will take some time. Hope you will like it. Thanks. Will post some of the announcements here every now and then, just no photos, my tumblr account will carry them for now.

Uploading images

eblogger seemed to have changed their system of uploading images in this blogspot, it does not upload easily through your files, this is why i have not been blogging lately. Somebody having the same problems? I fell in love with this eblogger thing because of the ease in uploading images, now i think i might change address, i will post it here if in case that happens. I cannot waste my time waiting for one picture to upload in 10 minutes, that is ridiculous!