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Flat versus Rounded

When i first glanced at a Mcdo burger, i could not help noticing how flat the bun really is compared to the ones sold in bakeries. I have stopped eating fastfood burgers, for the life of me i cannot remember the last time i had one really, maybe since 2003?, or 2004? Not sure. I know how to cook, and since i am a cancer survivor and a baker as well, i made sure that none of that over 500 calorie stack or should i say heap will enter my mouth. I have experimented with all sorts of burger mixes with fails and ho hums, although the bread is a no brainer. Just add a bit of whole wheat or any ancient grains, herbs, spices and veggies you want and you are good to go. The burger though is tricky. How to make something tastes and feel like you are eating beef is something nobody has ever perfected yet. Right now, i settle for half chicken breast and half veggie/bean mix. The only upside to this is that i find every single patty inside the refrigerator, right where i left them. Nobody else…