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Hands On Baking Lessons 2014

The schedule for October to March 2014 hands on baking lessons is now posted at Please read the rules on making reservations for a hassle free enrollment to my class. I know the website is has a lot of texts here and there but please try not to skip the reservation details, the sketch (so you won't get lost) and other details about the class.

I sometimes request the students to read on commercial bread making while waiting for the class to start but not too many people comply so you can do this after you attend if you wish. It gives you an advantage if you know something about yeast dough baking, i know i would read on as many as i can find online not to be the bida in class but just so i will retain more information as i listen to the teacher.

I remember way back early 90s when i got hooked in baking that i used one 1 ream of coupon bonds printing articles on bread. I even entered baking message boards, clubs, etc., and read on what others are talking …